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Main Street Manhattan

My Snapple cap has just informed me that Manhattan is the only city in America without a Main Street. In fact, none of her streets or avenues could be considered primary arteries this city is full of large, tiny, and in-between streets you will enjoy navigating.

The streets are numbered from the East Village north, starting at 1st Street and continuing to 220nd Street. Streets are typically three car-lengths wide: a traveling lane sandwiched between two sides of parked cars. On alternate side of the street parking days, the sandwich is open-faced.

You will also notice that the north/south blocks are short. Twenty north/south blocks equal one mile. The seven avenues of the east side equal approximately a mile (her width varies); the width of Central Park is one-half mile, and five cross-town blocks of the west side equal a mile. Crossing Manhattan from north to ...


Last Update: Tuesday Jan 16 2018