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Sixty well-spent minutes

Behind his sunglasses, he quickly appraises your fitness. Running alongside you, he compliments you on your form, while noting a small unevenness in stride, and a tendency to lean forward. Leading you through simple but exhausting drills, he finds your strengths and weaknesses in an instant. He is your personal trainer. If you are lucky, his name is Christof Prus.

With a master's degree in coaching and conditioning from Jagiellonian University in Poland, Christof is well-schooled in sports. As a successful triathlete and a personal trainer for twelve years, Christof is well-sported himself. He still takes individual clients while also maintaining a business helping clients set up personal gyms. For the casual and more serious athlete alike, Christof recommends training along the lines of his "3-D" training regimen: an alternation of strength and endurance training, ...


Last Update: Wednesday Jan 17 2018