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Scott Lifshutz

What makes a great portrait? Is it the ability of the artist to capture the spirit of his subject beyond the moment of the sitting? Somehow a great portrait is able to tell us from where our subject came, and posits where she will be as the paint dries. We can see that ability here in Lifshutz portraits of Carmen and Sugar Chaitman. What might you expect from the these two beauties, rendered in the prime of life? Carmen is the active older and dominant sister who pounds the pavement 9 to 9 to bring home the bacon, after running two daily laps around the Reservoir. Sugar is never more than 10 days away from her next coif, or 10 steps away from one of several daybeds on which she spends her days relaxing. One thing we can all agree on here in the DOG listings, we can't love, nor get enough of, our dogs.

We love what Scott's clients say about him, so we leave it in their ...


Last Update: Wednesday Jan 17 2018